“Quality is not a coincidence!”

About Transport and Logistics

ILAN Transport was founded in 2007 as a local car transporting company in the small town of Elin Pelin, about 20 kilometers from the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Created as one of the numerous small business projects at the time, ILAN has managed to stay on the road with you for more than 15 years. Together, we develop and create our future. In 2017 ILAN started providing freight forwarding services to companies from Bulgaria and all over Europe. Today, we work with more than 400 companies around Europe and continue to satisfy thousands of clients annually. Specialized in the car transporting industry, ILAN annually transports more than 25000 vehicles. Punctuality, loyalty and quality are the pillars of our company, which together with you continues to seek a way of getting on the right place at the right time as quality, as our motto reads, is never a coincidence. We are grateful to all our partners for trusting us and welcome everyone who shares our values to share the road with us with arms open wide.

By your side already 17 years!

During our experience in the industry, we have honed our skills and developed an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in vehicle transport. Our seasoned team of experts will handle every aspect of the logistics process with precision and care. Our long-standing reputation for reliability and professionalism is a testament to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. With us, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicles are in the most capable hands.

Our History

May 2007

How it all started

ILAN Transport was founded in 2007 by the driver and veteran in the transport industry Anton Tonev. With countless trips on the roads of Europe and a deep understanding of the complexities of the transport of vehicles, he developed deep appreciation for the world of the transport vehicles, accompanied by his interest in their safe and efficient transport. Thus, in May 2007 the foundations of ILAN Transport were laid in the small town of Elin Pelin.


First big hit

A new chapter in the history of our company was open. With the increasing demands of the fast-growing transport industry, we realized the need to create a logistics department, which is an important moment in our journey. The creation of the logistics department was a strategic step, provoked by our deep understanding of the needs of the industry related to the efficient and seamless transportation of cars. This gave us the opportunity to establish links and create partnerships with many leaders in the automotive industry as well as with companies that were just beginning their way in the world of transport.


New horizons

The road we have travelled is truly remarkable and we are proud that over the years ILAN has become a synonym of quality in the transport of vehicles. The creation of the logistics department not only increased our capabilities, but also enhanced our reputation, separating us from the competition and positioning us as a leading company in the industry. When we look back on the path, we realize that our success is the result of the opportunities that have opened up to us since the foundation of our logistics department. It gave us the strength to reach new heights, expand our reach and continuously improve our services to meet the evolving needs of the industry and our customers, without whom we would have been unable to achieve anything.


We keep dreaming and keep working.

ILAN is aware of the key role of digitalization and IT for the sustainable development of our industry. With the support of our dedicated team and the trust of our customers, we embark on this transformative journey with great enthusiasm. Using digital solutions and following the UN Sustainable Development practices, we strive to live up to the expectations and trust while protecting the environment.

... Towards new horizons ...

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